About Us

Dynamic FPC Design, Inc. was established in 1987 serving the flexible printed circuit, rigid/flex and rigid PCB industries. With over 25 years of circuit design experience, our focus has always been on guiding customers through the maze of mechanical and electrical issues that surround the manufacturability, test-ability and assembly of flex and rigid PCB. Dynamic FPC Design, Inc. can provide engineering assistance to both fabricators and OEM’s that have intermittent design requirements, eliminating the need for a costly “in house” design team.

Dynamic FPC Design, Inc. utilizes the latest screen sharing software in order to bring our expertise right into your office. Your Engineers will be able to collaborate in real time on every aspect of the layout/design that you feel is necessary. So, whether you’re a seasoned Engineer or a relative new-comer, you can expect to work efficiently & seamlessly through the design process without ever relinquishing control of your design.

Rigid-flex circuits